Thursday, June 24, 2010

Girls and Guns

It is quite obvious that we are a household full of non-gun owners. Neither mother, nor father grew up around guns and therefore the children of this house are completely gun ignorant. For girls this is probably not a big deal. For little PT however, it may prove to be embarrassing as he grows older. Not the fact that he doesn't know anything about guns, but more importantly that he has been subject to the girly version of guns.

Stage #1:

Tasha declared that she was shooting Kyra as she ran through the room pointing her fingers and squeaking "pew, pew...pew, pew". Kyra shot back with an equally wimpy gun noise. PT laughed, and laughed, and laughed some more. He laughed so hard at them that the girls continued the shoot out just to amuse him. The only way I can describe the noise that the girls were making is to say it sounds somewhat like the laser guns that they shoot on Star Wars only much softer, less gusto, and quite a bit higher in pitch.

Stage #2:
After PT stopped laughing, Tasha ran to her room and made a gun. Out of paper. Any boy would have been embarrassed by this thing cut randomly from lined paper that wouldn't even keep it's shape as it was held. More "pew, pew"-ing. More laughing. PT later ate this paper gun and pooped it out this morning. I could see the lines in the paper.

Stage #3:

Tasha made another gun for Kyra so they could be on equal fighting ground. She explained the gun to Kyra so she would know how to shoot it. "Here is the pull thing", Tasha pointed out. Ugh. The 'pull thing'? Do you mean 'trigger' sweetheart? Oh my poor, uninformed children.

Stage #4:

Big sister comes to the rescue to help with construction of a real fighting machine. It makes the same sound, of course, but this time it really has the right shape and can hold it's form. It is made from a pen and a lip gloss and is held together with red duct tape. You're laughing already, but it gets better. The highlight of this fighting machine is that it is a multi-purpose weapon. Because all girls are very practical, the duct tape only covers the main parts of said gun. This strategic placement of the tape allows for the lids to be pulled off of both the pen and the lip gloss. So, if the evil fighting sounds of this gun are not working on the target, one can simply removedthe cap to the pen and quickly write them a nasty letter. Or, replace that cap and remove the lid to the lip gloss, gloss your lips, and go kiss your target into submission.

Now, I've heard friends of mine claim that their boys will turn anything into a gun. They were talking about a shoe, a piece of celery, maybe a bitten pretzel with just the right shape. Give me just one boy that has crafted such a fine tool as my girls have though. I mean, it's not everyone that can fight with shiny lips and write home to tell the family about it, huh?


Bill said...

I am so embarrassed , but so proud at the same time

Monique said...

Love it. Ember has made the paper guns....although having brothers, she has a more "realistic" gun sound.

Not everything can be turned into a gun...but with boys, everything can be turned into a weapon.

April said...

Girls are multitaskers. A boy would never think of such things. Bravo. Women are genius. Another reason why we need more female engineers!

Sara said...

Somehow, my boy is always turning things into swords. Hmmmm.