Thursday, October 1, 2009

Here's Hopin'

Here's hopin' that people remember...

  • that I used to be a helpful person
  • that I used to volunteer to do anything I could
  • that you used to be able to walk through my house without tripping on stuff
  • that my bathroom used to be clean
  • that my children used to be taken care of
  • that I used to cook dinner (most nights!)
  • that I used to attend functions with a smile on my face
  • that I used to help clean up and do dishes at said functions
  • that I used to take people's crying babies so they could have a break
  • that I used to sit someplace other than in direct air flow of a vent or fan
  • that I used to be able to get my own food, shoes, books, water, etc. from the other room without asking someone else to do it for me
  • that I used to pick things off the ground
  • that I used to have a clean floor, at least once a week (or two if I was really busy)
  • that I love my family and friends even when I'm grouchy.'s also hopin' that the next month/6weeks goes by really quickly so I can go back to the person that I remember.


Crystal said...

You still do most of these things. When you don't do it you don't have to feel bad. It's called pregnancy. I always think that moms do so much all of the time for their family that it's not too much to ask that at the end of their pregnancy that other people help them out. Enjoy! Isn't pregnancy fun?!

April said...

I barely even look at food when I'm pregnant, unless someone else has made it for me. I can't really prepare it. The whole dirty pots and pans issue freaks me out. So, good luck with all of this...we love you no matter what we just know its the pregnant crazies that are getting to you.

Rachel said...

Oh sweet Helena. I can't wait till you have that baby and I just adore reading about your life in the meantime. You should write a book. Really.

Tori said...

You only have 6 weeks left? Where has the time gone? You are right I haven't been online much lately. I do have a few new post.