Thursday, August 18, 2011

If Looks Could Kill

The morning didn't start off great...

Kyra couldn't find her ID and thought waking me up would help. It doesn't, because I don't know where it is. So I lay in bed praying (seriously) that she will get it together, retrace her steps and find it. She doesn't, but comes in to cry to me. That REALLY doesn't help because that just makes me mad. I get up, yell, send her out the door without it. Because I yelled, PT and Tasha now get up, which is fine because I want to get into the shower.

After my shower, my head is clear and I can think clearly... I ask Tasha if she's seen Kyra's ID and she said yesterday she was wearing it. A-ha, a clue! She was wearing it yesterday when Tasha came home. She was playing with PT in his room. Is it possible that PT got it? And what would PT do with it? Yep, the same thing he does with everything these days...he puts it inbetween his bed and wall, which means it's under the bed with the bickit. I send Tasha under and she comes up with it within seconds.

I call Millie (she drives K to school), she says Kyra was worse by the time they got to school (mainly because they discussed what would happen because she didn't have her ID- a normal child would calm down at this discussion, but this is Kyra we're talking about here), and she even said she felt sick. I imagine she did, being Kyra and all, feel very sick to her stomach. Anyway, I decide to take the stupid ID down to the school but determine that this is my one trip to school today so Kyra can ride the bus home. I don't know where her bus pass is though, so I take Tasha's, hoping they don't check it on the bus.

I call Glenda so I can pick something up, drop Tasha off, forget to pick up the stuff from Glenda, and drive to Kyra's school. I spend 15 minutes in the office waiting for Kyra to finish taking notes on 3 slides in LA (as instructed by her teacher). This would be fine if I had a book and no toddler, but I don't and I do. After searching AZ Parenting mag for balls, flowers, babies, and (woohoo!) Buzsh, and pulling him off the chair that leads to the alarm on the wall, I head outside. BIG mistake because it's stinkin' hot outside. FINALLY Kyra makes it to the office and we take care of business. She's better but now I'm pissed. SHe has a sticker on her shirt that says, "I don't have an ID tag today". Seriously? They branded her! This from a school that has a no bullying policy. UGH.

We leave school and go to SUnflower and this goes well. PT likes to throw the fruits and vegetables into the cart and they hardly get bruised.

I forgot to ask if they sell stamps at Sunflower, so I go to the post office where they apparently don't have stamp machines anymore so you have to wait in line with all the folks mailing packages to purchase said stamps from a super helpful, and cheery post office worker (snicker, snicker). I walk in the door, shift left, then right on past the 2 people at the end of the counter bickering over what to do with their stuff, and get at the end of the line. Apparently the bickering people WERE in line because the lady gives me a look. Yep, THAT kind of look. The kind where you should be visiting me at the morgue right now because I'd be dead. She pushed the man down to be right behind me as they continued to discuss their papers and she continued to give me the stink eye. Whatever! PT and I move to stand right behind her. I consider letting him dance all over the counter and stomp on her stuff, but I take the high road. By the time we make it to second in line (only behind stink eye lady) one of the three post office workers decides to close her line. Now there are 2 workers and a line of people, nothing new. 5 minutes later, I walk out with my stamps in hand and letters deposited, while stink eye lady is still working out her problems.

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