Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blah, blah, blah...

I bought a 4pk of Romantic Comedies at Target for $5. Bill was going to bed so I quizzed him on which one he absolutely wouldn't be watching so I could plug it in. Michelle Pfeiffer was in, as was "the Spiderman chick" (Kirsten Dunst), so I was down to 2 flicks: a PG with Hilary Duff and one with Freddie Prinze Jr. Yeah, I don't think Bill can handle Freddie, even if it has a bunch of supermodels in it.
You can plug an iPod shuffle directly into your stereo system if you have the appropriate jack. The jack costs $20, which makes birthday shopping for Kyra super easy this year. I'm glad the kid knew what she wanted.
I was trying to figure out why I knew the actor Paul Bettany. When it occurred to me what he had been in I explained it to Bill in this order: he was the naked guy, in that movie, you know- the naked guy, umm- with Heath Ledger, he yelled a lot. At this point Bill jumped in and saved me, knowing the movie and agreeing that he was "the naked guy" even though neither of us came up with the name of the flick.
I went to Changing Hands to purchase a gobbler game by Blue Orange. They didn't have anything by this company, even though Blue Orange said they were a retailer. Apparently Changing Hands traded up, or down. All their toys were by Melissa and Doug. I hate Melissa and Doug. Mostly because they didn't have my game.
Only in AZ would someone consider a lightening storm reason enough to gather their family into the hallway for protection. Yes, I know her, we laugh about it, and I love her anyway. Do we really consider monsoon season having "weather"?
Payton is now the kid who will repeat anything that you say. Watch out. You wouldn't want to be the one that taught him some inappropriate phrase now, would you?
We went to Kyra's meet the teacher night. First hour, good. Second hour, not-so-good. She is signed up to be in a Men's Chorus. It was just downhill from there. I'm sure I'll be spending an eternity down at the office tomorrow trying to straighten this out.
Is there anything better than chicken, hot sauce, and blue cheese?
Well, maybe this Caramelized Nut Trio from Trader Joes.
I just read that during menopause a woman's body will suck fat cells from her butt and move them to her stomach to make up for the lost fat created by missing estrogen. (or something like that) Seriously? It's not bad enough that our hormones go out of whack making us mental patients on most days, we now get a saggy butt and something much more than a "muffin top" to go with it. I don't think those are the kind of curves we really want.
I'm going to be 40. Not someday. THIS YEAR! It's awesome. I have an idea for a celebration, but am looking for alternative suggestion. Give it up folks!
I'm thinking of adopting a new motto: "Think Less. Do More. Live Simple."
Yup, you heard it here first: I'm going to try to stop thinking so much. Of course, that was several days ago and here I sit, blabbering my thoughts to a keyboard.


Baker Fam said...

I miss you.

April said...

The actor is Paul Bettany, the movie is A Knight's Tale.
What's better than chicken, bleu cheese, and hot sauce? Me eating it with you and appreciating it.
I love when you babble.
If you tell me my muffin top is sexy I'll tell you yours is sexy too.