Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Forgotten Birthday Greeting

As most people know, I am really bad about remembering birthdays. Out of nowhere I texted a friend this afternoon...

Me: We haven't gone to a movie and summer break is over this weekend. Blah!
Friend: Where's my happy birthday?
Me: That was my intro :) wait for it...
Friend: K. Lol

it took a few minutes to have Tasha help me pick out all the cute faces to add to the text...
Me: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! From (dude with glasses face) Bill, (laughing girl face) H, (winking gal face) Kyra, (chica with shades on) Tasha, and (winking dude face) Payton.

then it took a few more minutes to gather the family for the birthday greeting yell...

Friend: It's very cute. Thank you. We are gonna swim at my parents house. After, are we going to a movie with hot guys in it?
Me: U asking me out 2 c hot guys on your birthday? I'm in:) tell me when and where.
So that's how we do impromtu birthdays around here. We had a good time and saw Ryan Gosling's hot, hot bod (not photoshopped). Wow, it could have been my birthday too!

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April said...

When you think about doing Christmas cards this year, even though you won't get to it, think about using this picture. It is gorgeous!