Sunday, October 3, 2010

Notes from General Conference:

  • Priesthood keys
  • Be grateful
  • Kids, take my hand
  • Priesthood keys
  • Repentance
  • 14 Fundamentals of following the prophet
  • Teach with the spirit
  • Priesthood keys
  • Pornography, bad
  • Something about a stupid cow
  • Family Proclamation
  • Priesthood keys
  • Freedom of choice
  • 14 Fundamentals of following the prophet, revisited
  • Trees are like airplanes and have turbulence :)
  • More keys
  • More priesthood
It was a good thing I had these: (Thanks, Diane, for the cute idea!)

Naw, in all sincerity, I had a very enjoyable conference weekend. I chuckled each time a speaker said something about the priesthood keys, and was actually quite inspired as Elder Oaks devoted his whole talk to receiving personal revelation, and revelation through your priesthood line. He's quite the man. So was President Eyring as he taught to trust in the Lord.

All good stuff I tell ya. Can't wait 'til I can have it in print. Seriously.

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