Thursday, August 5, 2010

NTS: Feed Your Son

Hmm. Solid food. When did we start that? I tried some solids several months so ago but Payton didn't want anything to do with it. He didn't want to be spoon fed at all and his pincher skills were, well, anything but stellar. Slowly he learned to crawl and find everything on the floor to put in his mouth so we started finger food bits again. It entertained him while we ate dinner and created quite the mess on the floor. Hey, at least we've had a clean floor for a few months while we've swept and mopped to keep up with the messes he creates.

So when, exactly, did he start eating regularly? When did he decide to take a few bites from a spoon while shoveling crackers and what not in with his other 2 hands? I only remember making the food, trying to feed him, and him shaking his head or sticking his tongue out. Residue of mashed up food graces the table in front of his clip on chair.

Cranky, cranky boy. He fussed and fussed this morning. He woke up early, made his dad take him out of bed and played with the girls for a while before nursing a bit more and taking a mini slumber. Then he fussed and fussed some more. We saw a little Baby Einstein, nursed some more. Fussed some more. I tried to make me some food to eat while he played at his favorite toy station: the dishwasher. He fussed, he cried, he pulled at my legs. Then, as I was placing some breakfast on my plate, it occurred to me: could he be hungry? Like, for real food?

Yep, that did the trick. Feed the boy.

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