Sunday, November 29, 2009

THANK YOU Brother Shafer!!!

I got home from choir practice today to Kyra unloading the dishwasher and Bill cleaning the bathroom. I put up the few dishes that Kyra couldn't reach and helped clean off the counter. Then the girls went outside to ride bikes and Bill started to vacuum the living room.

Me: What's up with you cleaning?
Bill: I'm showing you that I love you by serving you.
Me: What lesson did you learn in priesthood today?
Bill: Helping those you love by serving them.
Me: Yes, yes. I love priesthood.
Bill: Well, this is the angle that Brother Shafer took on Elder Bednar's talk.
Me: I love Brother Shafer.

Bill wouldn't let me call Brother Shafer and thank him, so this is my tribute to him.


Marie said...

That is so awesome. I wish Ricky wasn't sick so he would have heard that lesson yesterday. hehe

Bill said...

Is Ricky ready to be a High Priest??? We could use him...