Thursday, November 26, 2009

Always Thankful to Learn

Things I've learned this year at Thanksgiving...
  • Pumpkin pie tastes better cold
  • To avoid turkey spatter in a deep fryer, lower said turkey into fryer with a fork lift (picture available)
  • Stuffings vary GREATLY in the amount of time they take to cook
  • You can be late to dinner if you have a newborn
  • There is a girl sassier than Tasha
  • When I put on make-up my kids think I'm pretty
  • When Bill puts on a polo shirt the girls think he's pretty
  • When we're pretty, the girls change clothes to look pretty
  • When there are enough adults at dinner, I get to eat mine hot- even when the baby is fussy
  • My brother still won't hold a newborn
  • I learned my baby clicking noise (tongue on the roof of my mouth) from Loreen
  • Pacifiers/thumbs are a necessary evil for my kids, and a lifesaver for my aching neck

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