Monday, November 9, 2009

"Payton", why Payton

Yep, my son is named after a sports hero. Since I have been dating Bill I have been trained to say, after hearing the name Walter Payton, "the best running back of all time!" Of course, Walter Payton was actually more than just a great running back, and you can read about it in many places. Most recently, a book about him was even mentioned on my newly favorite show, glee. If you want to read Bill's version of this great man, click HERE.

And, in case you care, Payton's middle name is Thomas. That was my father's name and my brother's name. Sweet.


Monique said...

Because you disabled the comments on your other post. I had to write here and say I loved your birth story. I loved hearing you talk about it. I loved hearing Bill's version.

I would say I am amazed, but you are just amazing, and it sounds so beautiful and...well...if we ever do have more sounds like something I would love to do!

I was talking to Bill and for that one moment when he caught that precious little one, it didn't matter the gender. Finding out the baby was a boy was just icing on an already delicious cake.


H said...

Sorry Mo, if you want to go comment there now you can. My bad. I can delete these :)