Monday, September 7, 2009

The School/Vacation Cycle

As school is ending we are thrilled that we won't have to pack lunches anymore, drive to and from school daily, deal with the social drama and homework, end of the year parties, teacher gifts and hoopla. Yada, yada. School is over for the summer, what a relief. If we're smart we have planned at a least a class or trip for the kids to look forward to and for us to get some relief.

About halfway through the summer we start thinking to ourselves, "Is this almost over? Are the kids ever going to stop bugging me?"

A few weeks later we're talking with other moms, "Is this almost over? Are the kids ever going to stop bugging us?"

A few weeks after that the kids are asking us, "Is this almost over? Are you ever going to stop bugging us?"

Then we have the chaos of getting ready for school to actually begin. Some years it is easier than others. Most years you have to go through the wardrobe, tossing clothes that are too small and inappropriate for school., dividing play clothes from school clothes. Establishing a routine again. (Because, let's face it...even though we say we'll keep a routine, it's nice to be the mom that doesn't really care that your child stayed up too late because WE wanted to have fun with OUR friends, right?!) I gave up buying new backpacks and lunchboxes a few years ago, but some people still do that. Pencils, binders, and notebooks of some kind are usually a given. And, because we live in a desert, a new water bottle (to replace the one used all summer) is in order.

Then school starts and we're happy, the kids are happy, there is time for everyone to have their own space. A few weeks, and now closer to a month, goes by and we have Labor Day. The first 3 day holiday of the school year. 3 DAYS! Really that's only one extra day off, but it sounds cool in writing and feels great when your spouse has the day off as well. It's one more day of goofing off. One more day that you don't have to get in bed right on time because you have to get up in the morning. One more day...

But what happened?! Wasn't it just a month ago that we were wishing that school would start right away? What happened to the bliss of having our own time? It's almost midnight and I should be in bed so that I can wake up happily and get the kids to school. But no, I'm wishing that tomorrow was another holiday and that the weekend was longer. What happened to me?

So now I'm thinking that I'm very grateful our charter school does not take a Fall break for a week. That would really throw my groove off. If one extra day does this to me, then what would a week do?! Geez, I better get sleepin'.

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Monique said...

Only too true. When they are in school you wish they were out...and when they are out you want them in...maybe a good compromise is to have 4 day a week school schedule.