Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Environmentally Friendly"

I attended an event this past weekend where they served us lunch. We received instructions on how to pick up our food and then they requested that in an effort to be "environmentally friendly" we should empty our water bottles and recycle them in the designated bin. Very nice, recycling.

Then I got my lunch. In a colorful paper bag, with a contrasting color of tissue paper in it. It looked very nice. I sat down to a table with colorful paper plates that we could use for our sack lunch. Then I pulled out my lunch. One snack sized Ziploc bag with grapes in it. One snack sized Ziploc bag with veggies in it. One snack sized Ziploc bag with a croissant in it. One snack sized Ziploc bag with a tortilla roll in it. One snack sized Ziploc bag with 2 cookies and an individually wrapped chocolate in it. One snack sized Ziploc bag with some sun chips in it. One styrofoam container with some delicious chicken salad, accompanied by a plastic fork.

I folded up my tissue paper and tucked it inside the colorful bag and put it in my bag to take home. It will make a nice birthday package for someone soon. I cringed as I threw away the remains of all my plastic lunch containers in the very colorful garbage bin. It was colorful because everyone else seemed to have thrown away their birthday packaging. What a waste!

Sure am glad we recycled those water bottles!


Monique said...

Isn't that always the case when people are wanting to save the earth? Only think about the water bottles!

I always reuse tissue paper. :)

April said...

That's my worst nightmare! How did you keep your cool? I would've mentioned something to somebody because I'm a jerk like that. Well done, you!

Sara said...

Was this at Desert Marigold? ;-)

Crystal said...

Styrofoam is the worst! This sounds like a mock environmentally friendly shin dig, like it was just warm up or practice for the real thing. What a sham!