Monday, September 7, 2009

$1 Burrito for Diabetes Research

And, in case you need to know where the mi amigo's locations are, try this link:
and scroll down to the bottom. Tempe folks, it appears that Southern and Gilbert is our closest location. I'm thinking I might go for an early lunch (11/11:30ish), before Tasha gets out of school. It's a sit down and order kind of joint, I believe. Call me if you are interested in joining me!


Crystal said...

Just wondering why they put a picture of a shoe on this advertisement and not a picture of a burrito. I hope they are not insinuating my burrito will taste like that old sneaker. Ewww!

H said...

I think the shoe might have something to do with the walk for a cure coming up in October. Anyone interested can check out Scott's blog and possibly support their team: