Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy 11th BDay Kyra!!!

Kyra's "stash", on her birthday morning. (the bunny was just in the shot, being nosey!)
Actually, I think the bunny is trying to make off with the new bag Kyra got to carry her school stuff in. Bad bunny!!
Flip flops, because you can't have too many flip flops in AZ!
Candy for the movie she would attend later that afternoon. Harry Potter!!!
Pokemon, because Tasha really wanted her to have her own box. Sweet.
Goodies for the slumber party she would have the following week.

Thanks mom, for getting Kyra her funky wigs and tiaras! The girls all loved them and almost wore them to the video store where they picked out Water Horse to watch at 10pm.

The final product in this ultimate brownie pan that comes with perfect dividers so everyone could put their own treats on their own row of brownies. (OK, this one isn't the ULTIMATE brownie pan, that would be "Kurtis", the pan that bakes a swirl of brownies to where every brownie has at least two edges to it.)

Seriously, they pulled out the Uno cards and even let Tasha play with them!

After dinner and nail polish...
Entertainment in the evening.
Kyra and Cyrena are hiding the secret messages that they wrote. Maya is playing it up, pretending that nothing is going on. I LOVE that I didn't have to plan anything for this party and they just enjoyed having a good time together.
Thank goodness for age 11!!!

We Love You, Kyra!!!


mamamuniz said...

Well, Happy Birthday Kyra! It looks like they had a great time.

Monique said...

You bought the pan?! The pan advertised on TV. I want one do you like it?


Bill said...

3 pictures that prove the sister's can get along! Kyra had a great time, thank you to Cyrena and Mia a mya! I wasn't home for the beginning, but by the night they were all giddy. How fun to share it with your best friends! Happy 11th ( I mean 6th) Kyra!

Crystal said...

Cyrena wanted to wear her orange wig to the Az Museum of Natural History but Derek said no because he would be too embarrassed to be with her. Cyrena had a great time and I was glad she was able to go and celebrate Kyra's birthday with her. Those brownies look really cool.