Monday, August 3, 2009

All is Well in Burns and Scars

We went to the burn clinic today for our follow-up visit. Tasha got the all clear for all activities, including swimming. No more bandaging, cleaning, and ointments. Hoo-rah! They gave her a covering for it that she's supposed to wear all the time (except in water), but it is easily removed so when you need to take a peek, I'm sure she'll oblige. The covering looks a lot like those support hose that people wear for whatever reason. It annoys her though, because she's supposed to wear it inside out so the seams don't press into her skin. It fits pretty tight and is just there to protect her new skin. We've got to lotion it a lot and use pressure to break up any funky tissue that might leave a weird scar underneath the skin, but they don't think there will be any significant scarring at all. Sunscreen is a must and they even said to send it to school with her to be applied before she goes outside. OK, I get it people! It's newborn skin and I must treat it as precious and delicate.

Just 2 short weeks after the original incident... we feel very blessed to be so fortunate. Now life might get back to normal. (Wait, what is normal again?!)


Monique said...

When you figure out what normal is...please...let me know!

Glad to hear the good news!

mamamuniz said...

So glad to hear this outcome..

Crystal said...

Thank Tasha for letting me sneak a peek. It looks really good. She's been such a brave girl.

Sara said...

Hooray! Want to go to the Froggy pool this week before it closes?!

Crissybug said...

I am so glad that everything turned out okay.

Thanks for your kind words. You are more than welcome to use them on your blog.

I try to be positive...and it is nice to know that you think I never had a 'pity party'. Maybe it is more of an internal thing for me. :)