Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Why do I make the bed everyday, just to fold down the sheet and blanket each night and sleep on top of the bottom sheet? It would be socially unacceptable to have a bed with just a bottom sheet and pillows, wouldn't it? But this is my house, my bedroom, what should I care?

Oh well, I will continue to do it because the bed is just prettier with a blanket on it.


Marie said...

I often wonder that too when I clean the kitchen.

Monique said...

I don't have a blanket on mine. I have a sheet and we sleep on top of that anyway. Not dirtying up the blanket needlessly. (With three kids it gets dirty, even if you don't use me.)

Amanda said...

H, I think your first real problem is that you make your bed everyday. Your second problem is that you live in hell for 6 months of the year where a blanket (and probably top sheet) are unnecessary.

Maybe just buy prettier sheets and then you can feel good AND do less work.