Friday, May 8, 2009

Is it baby Joey?!

I can't eat enough sandwiches. I crave them at all times of the day. No flavor in particular, although I had a good run on turkey for a while. Now turkey makes me want to puke. Typical! But seriously, sandwiches at 8 in the morning?! I think this baby might be Joey from Friends. Bill was thrilled to hear that one. All other evidence is to the contrary and Bill is in denial. Here's the proof of a baby girl:

First, before I even knew I was pregnant, I did initiatory work at the temple. 4 out of the 5 names I did were some version of Maria (2 Mary's, a Marie, and a Maria). I have an Aunt Maria who just passed away a few years ago and her sister would be thrilled if we passed that name on to our child. I think it might go a long way in healing some old Greek wounds that fester now and again. When I got home and told Bill about it I was frustrated because I was sure I wasn't pregnant and thought it was a cruel joke. Bill suggested that it was just a prompting to call my aunt. That made me feel better, I didn't call, and then I was pregnant.

Next, I went back to do an endowment sessions for... yep, Maria somebody. That's 2! We started discussing names and I let him name the boy first: Payton Thomas (Thomas after my father and brother). The girl will be Anna Maria (I like a's, what can I say?).

Finally, last week I did more initiatory work. 5 names. The first name was Maria. And what do you suppose the next name was? Yep, Anna.

Poor Bill.


Monique said...


1. I am slightly jealous that you have names picked out and I can't even settle on one and I have like 8 weeks left.

2. Are you going to find out?

3. Maybe, all the Maria's are to through you off mark. :)

Nancy said...

Congratulations on the new baby coming Helena!! I'm very excited for you. I thought I was a month or 2 ago and it turned out I wasn't. I hope everything goes well for you during this pregnancy and if the baby turns out to be a girl... Well, you already have all the stuff. Lol :-)

Amanda said...

That is INSANE! I wish I had a name picked out.

Anyway, with both of my pregnancies I had dreams telling me the gender of the baby. Dreams were right on both counts!

So I bet it is a girl. Awesome.

proud parents said...

Pretty similar to how Maren was named.

Sara said...

And Scott thought you were just copying us!

H said...

Nope, we won't find out. And Bill would probably suggest "William" as a good boy's name.

Bridget said...

That's funny I like Joey! Of course I like sandwiches too...mmmm sub sandwiches...mmmm ok now I am craving subway but anyway I like that you have names picked out Jeremiah almost went home from the hospital without a name.