Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I have one of those old school photos of 2 kids walking away from the camera holding hands. The caption below states:

"It's not how others make us feel
that is important in life,
but rather how we make others feel."

I'm wondering how accurate this statement is. And, isn't it possible to hurt one person in order to help someone else? Does that justify the act? I imagine it's all just really in the intent, isn't it? But then again, even if your intent is good, you can't control how someone else feels. So, where does that leave us?


Monique said...

That leaves us understanding what you said...but still at a loss for an answer.

Bridget said...

Hmm, Good question. I just don't know how to answer this question. No, you can't control how others feel so no you should not try to make other feel a certain way but then you have to think about it the other way. Someone else reading that is now trying to make you feel a certain way. ha ha its one of those things that makes sense but doesn't.