Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let the Texting Begin

I was listening to the radio and heard some crazy "report" that I had to share with Bill...

Me: If given the choice between catching a fly ball and saving an infant's life, a woman will always choose the later without regard to if there are men on base or not. :D 100.7 is so full of information!
Bill: regular season or playoffs?

A couple of days later as I'm sitting at DMS at the Michaelmas festival, about 10am...

Me: EVERYONE around me has tatoos!
Bill: at the biker bar already?

10 am in the morning...

Me: Too early for a hamburger?
Bill: Never!

While discussing the fact that I can't use our new internet explorer...

Me: Why have you not bookmarked stuff for me yet?
Bill: Because I don't visit the "Derek Morgan" website.
(and then, after some back and forth over our temple excursion tomorrow)
Bill: just for you....

I love my husband.


April said...

You two remind me so much of me and Ryan only with a lot less dirty jokes, unless of course you just don't post those on your public blog.

Oh, wait...did I just hear the theme song to the circus?

Dude, since when do you have to approve of what I say? This is bogus! Bogus, I tell you!

H said...

Since I started getting comments like this one :

"nice your blog and very nice dear your blog Ranking is too Good we like its you can see our also website for online shopping...... laptop batteries"

on old blog post.

IF you'd read it more than one every 2 months you wouldn't have that problem.

And yes, you did hear the circus theme song. After the game :)