Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shipping Out 2010

My friend Scott kind of challenged me to come up with things I accomplished last year. Part of me wants to strangle him (chuckle, chuckle) but since I walked right into the challenge I guess I have to live up to it. It's hard for me to look back and think of things I've done as successes, but I think this process has actually been good for me. You know, I DID do something worthwhile this year! I think that part of what I have to recognize is that some things that come easy to me are hard for others. Sadly, a few things on this list are fairly simple for others but were HUGE hurdles for me (see items 3 and 5, specifically!).

So, here's what I've got:

  1. Found, registered, and joined the PTA at a new school for Kyra. (McKemy Middle school, a public school in Tempe, but not our home school)

  2. Volunteered to be the Parent Council Co-Chair at Tasha's school. (Desert Marigold, a Waldorf inspired charter school)

  3. Filed all the paperwork to get Payton's birth certificate. (a multifaceted process if done after the first 7 days your child is born, at home, with no medical staff present)

  4. Lost all the weight I gained while pregnant with Payton.

  5. Successfully nursed Payton for a full year (and running...)

  6. Planned a trip to the Gila Valley Temple Open House for the young women and their families. (I had plenty of help from my presidency and family)

  7. Successfully pushed to have Bishop's Youth Council and Bishop's Youth Discussion on the same night and held regularly, even though we only had about 4-6 active youth at the time.

  8. Started tutoring again, working for a non-profit that my friend runs and actually wants to turn over to me and her daughter.


tempe turley said...

That's an impressive list, and I'm sure you left some stuff out. But congratulations, sounds like 2010 went really well.

And taking care of a newborn through basically his first year overwhelms every mother, so given that you were able to achieve a bunch of other stuff is a huge accomplishment.

Sara said...

That is a really great list, H! I'm impressed with the weight loss. I haven't lost all the weight since #1.

H said...

Thanks for the idea and congrats, Scott.
And Sara, I didn't say I'd lost all the weight from the first 2 pregnancies, just the ADDITIONAL weight from this one. I'm hoping and trying to work on the rest of it before I stop nursing.

Sara said...

I knew what you meant. I'd be thrilled to lose the 47 pounds from this one but there's more where that came from... ;-) No baby, obviously. I'm going to go eat a giant cinnamon roll and soak in the tub now.

Tori said...

That is a great list. Congrats on so many great accomplishments.

April said...

Sara and H, I'm at LA Fitness every Saturday at 8:30am step aerobixing with Ballerina Steve. You're welcome to join me.

I didn't know you actually volunteered to be Colleen's co-chair. Good for you. I'm sure the fact that you are the Embarassingly Optimistic Fairy will serve you well. :)