Sunday, January 30, 2011


We're not sure what this means. I think it is something like "ho-hum". Payton just randomly decides to say it and repeats it over and over again as he wanders around the room. "Dah-doo, dah-doo, dah-doo." Sweet boy.

So, I need to record his sweetness. The words in his repertoire, thus far in his short 14 months of life...

"dal-dun" = "all done", he says it and signs it with his hands waving. It is especially cute when he does it when he is done nursing. He sits up, says "dal-dun" and then slides off the bed.

"moe-oh"= "more", he's never signed this one. It means he wants something. If he's standing by the back door looking up at the counter, he wants some butterscotch chips that happen to be in a giant bag that I purchased from the chocolate lady in something like 5# form. He's eaten most of them. If he's grabbing my chest and looking down my shirt, well, it means he wants milk. Duh.

"die-die"= "bye-bye", he's waving when he says it and we are leaving. For some reason he doesn't have his b's yet.

"da-da"= "dad", of course. It sounds an awful lot like dog, but there is a slight difference in inflection. One day Bill heard him yelling repeatedly from the bedroom and he thought it was dog, but came anyway. I mean why would he be talking about the dog while he was in the bedroom, right? Well, PT was standing in his crib, looking out the window, yelling at the dog. There is a different.

"wru-wru"= his NEW word for dog and every other animal except a cow. When we went to the zoo he pointed and "wru-wru"'ed at every animal that he saw. We were close up with the cow however, so he was either scared or recognized that this was not a dog. I couldn't get him to moo though.

"rah-rah"= we believe is "Kyra". He yells at her in the morning. She's his only hope since I gave up being a morning person after Christmas break. (aah, maybe I'll try again, who knows.)

"tda-tda"= Tasha. There is a slight difference from "da-da" and you usually have to know who he's talking to to hear it, but it's there. Typically he is yelling this one, trying to get her attention.

"Momo"= Momo, my mom. He's got her twisted around his finger when he says that one. All smiles my mom is, all smiles!

"mahm!", that's me. It's usually very loud.

and last, but not least, his newest verbage that he OVER uses out of context...

"owie" is his way of getting your attention and getting what he wants. My 2 favorite stories of this are: 1) Bill was holding him by his overalls, in public, and he was saying "owie, owie, owie" over and over; and 2) I was checking my email and he was saying it. It progressively got louder and worse so I got a little concerned. I went back to find him holding his 2 pillows, trying to get up on my bed, so I could nurse him to sleep. Little boogie!

Oh, and his one sign without words: "please"... hand to tummy with a swipe and a big cheesey smile because he KNOWS when he does that one he gets what he wants.


mamamuniz said...

So cute! I love all his little words. I did a list when Sophie was about 15 months with all her words and their translations. We forget, so it's nice to jot them down.

Bill said...

Wow, that made my day ! "Sweetness"

Monique said...

My kid doesn't talk. More like caveman grunts. He does sign more, please and thank you..and gives you a big grin. He does say Mom and Da and oh dat (what's that?) and up..which is his catch all word for everything else.

April said...

Mahm, mahm, mahm, mahm, mahm, Lois, mahm, mahm, mahm. Hi.

April said...

PS Bill's such a softie!

Bridget said...

He's spoiled! I love it! Jeremiah is too. But don't tell the others or they will get jealous, or mad... ha ha