Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Found this Via a Friend's Blog

The Power of 'Yes'!

Basically, say less 'no', say more 'yes'. Stop trying to make people (kids) be who you think they should be, and let them be who they are. Stop listening to people tell you who you should be, and be who you want to be.

'No' is for emergencies and safety situations :)


Lisa said...

Was that from Jenny's blog? She's amazing. You have to read her post about "poor choices". Sooo funny!

H said...

Yep, Jenny's blog. I just read the one on poor choices. (I've never been to her blog before) That's pretty good. I had to look up the conversation the girls had a couple of years ago:

I have a few new ones I can add with Payton in the mix. He's discovering the boy/girl thing now. It's stinking cute, and embarassing to my eldest :)