Friday, April 22, 2011

"share with you i "

Yoda was in my inbox today but he disguised himself as one of my friends. I got an email from a friend I don't see very often (I think it's been about a year now) and it read:

share with you i
Nice to see you again.
I help a friend introduced to (insert website here) Just click it and you will feel great.
Take good care of yourself and write often.

I replied with:

Hey ----. "I not thinking this was you" because you have much better grammar than what is contained in this email. I didn't clink on the link to feel great, but thought you should know someone hacked into your email address.
Hope your Easter is great!

The response I got:

Well, I try help friends with good links. I wouldn't click on it either and yes, it does look like I was hacked. I changed the password and refreshed all my antiviruses...sigh, the internet can be such a pain sometimes! Take care and have a wonderful Easter weekend!

All I can really say it that I didn't click on the link but I do feel really great. Bill, Kyra and I got a good laugh out of this. It's fun to have a 12 year old that appreciates bad grammar.

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