Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NTS: Don't Lose Cell Phone

It causes a lot of dilemmas.

It does, however, cause for a quite afternoon. Or two. Or three.

The timeline has yet to be determined.


Marie said...

Sometimes I leave mine somewhere "else" on silent and forget where I put it. Feels like the good ol' days when you had to wait to get home to make phone calls :P

Sara said...

Have you found it yet? Do you think it's at my house? We've lost many a cell phone over here. There's a cell phone eating monster in my attic I think. I think he eats ipods, too.

H said...

Ugh. If only I HAD a home phone!
Sara, it may be at your house somewhere, but that would have been really lame of me to leave it within the reach of all those children. I'll remember to keep them away from your attic from now on :)

H said...

My phone, that is. Well, probably the children too. Unless I want the chilren eaten by the monster. Hmm... when is he hungriest?